Do you have public speaking fear, dislike or want to change the sound of your voice, have trouble putting your presentations together? I named my company “Speaking With Authority,” based in Raleigh, North Carolina, because that’s what I help people do! Speaking with authority is the ability to consistently use your voice, your words and body language to communicate with strength, power and clarity.

My clients come to me “to be heard and taken seriously,” to change their “vocal image,” to “connect meaningfully with their audiences,” to listen more effectively and on the top of each person’s list is: “to gain confidence in their speaking skills.” I can assure each client that “confidence can be arranged” with the right techniques and valuable communication tips.

Since your voice constitutes almost 40% of the meaning of your message, it’s no wonder that everyone including C-Level executives, radio and television personalities, sports announcers, customer service representatives and sales and marketing professionals contact me.

I offer one-on-one executive speech/voice coaching, public seminars, meeting facilitation, consultation and keynote presentations on “The Voice That Means Business.” Confident communication can begin today. It will change your life.


Linda Shields, M.S.,CCC-SLP is an executive speech/voice coach, keynote speaker and executive presence expert. President and founder of Speaking With Authority, Inc., Linda is also a licensed speech-language pathologist in the State of North Carolina and has earned the Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association.

Her client list includes Fortune 500’s top executives, professional sports figures, national and local media personalities, entertainers and other professional presenters.  Linda’s clients have commented that she has a special ability to connect with people in a personal and authentic way, providing the perfect formula to enhance their visual, verbal and vocal images. A former advertising-marketing and fashion director with the Rouse Company and certified stylist, she helps each individual develop his/her own style of speech, attire and powerful presence.

A member of National Speakers Association since 1991, Linda is also the award-winning author of The Voice That Means Business: How to Speak with Authority, Confidence and Credibility….Anytime, Anywhere. She has been featured in Smart Money and Mens Health magazines and interviewed by The New York Times. Linda’s popular column, Speaking With Authority, has appeared in The Triangle Business Journal and Womens Edge magazines.

Ms. Shields extensive media experience has included co-hosting radio programs in the Chicago and Tampa markets and doing guest expert interviews in the top 30 radio markets.  Linda has also analyzed the political candidates’ voices during the 2012 elections on the NBC network.

From “vocal image” to professional appearance, Linda is qualified to help each client reach the next level of performance in his/her career. She approaches the coaching process in a highly confidential and insightful manner and believes strongly that “confidence can be arranged” with the right guidance.